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About LaTascia Taylor

About LaTascia Taylor

STEEP, SIP, SAVOR Tascia’s Teas
Simply said, LaTascia Taylor, Founder of Tascia’s Teas, is a tea lover. In addition to the delicious tasteful flavor, teas offer various health benefits as well such as speeding up your metabolism, and cleansing and helping the body release toxic waste. Tascia was inspired to launch this family-owned business for these reasons as well as because many of the events and dinners she attended lacked an offering for tea lovers. The beverage menu tended to cater to the coffee drinkers! Also, as she continued her journey toward healthy living, Tascia began to eliminate sugary drinks and adding teas to her diet. Given her own personal health goals and the identified need of a tea offering at events, Tascia’s Teas was launched. Tascia encourages her customer community to STEEP, SIP, and SAVOR the delicious taste and the health benefits of Tascia’s Teas.

Some of the best tea blends that I have ever had!

— Elaine H.

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